3 Redneck Tenors:  A New Musical Adventure

3 Redneck Tenors - Down Home Laughs, Big City Music. Family-Friendly Entertainment.

Music Arranged by CRAIG BOHMLER

The “infamous” 3 Redneck Tenors are back and better than ever!  These tenors have seen it all, sing it all and make us laugh 'till we double over, reminding us that in life, it is not the destination, its the journey. Get ready for one sidesplitting ride as we go on an excursion only the 3 Red Neck Tenors could have had, delighting audiences with their vocal prowess and a smorgasbord of songs and music ranging from Gospel, to Country, to Broadway, Pop and Classical. You’re going to love them and so will anyone with a sense of humor and an appreciation for incredible voices.

The musical comedy featuring classically trained veteran artists from world opera stages is like Duke Dynasty goes to Carnegie Hall - down home laughs with big city music!

Ya'll come join us - I'll betcha never seen or heard anything like it.